ASF Togo, Avocats sans Frontières

Avocats sans Frontières TOGO is an apolitical and non-profit association created in accordance to the provisions of the Act of 1st July 1901 relating to the contract of association.It is registered at the Ministry of Territorial Administration and decentralization under the number 5272 of 28 December 2011.

Activities a,nd prospects

ASF -TOGO developed an action plan 2011-2012

  • While being a young association, ASF Togo conducted different activities intended to make it better known.   

It was in this context that the launch ceremony took place on 28 April 2011.

TV and Radio programmes are still under way.

  • A seminar on the assistance provided by a lawyer to its client from the first hours in police custody; will take place from June till August 2011.
  • A project called “un Avocat pour tous” (A lawyer for everyone), will take place from July till October 2011.

It will consist of free consultations and pleadings for the population in three (3) different cities in the countryside.

  • Finally, it is planned to hold a conference on the right to health care in Togo.

Other punctual activities are also planned.

ASF Togo


The ASF members