ASF Switzerland, Avocats sans Frontières

Avocats sans Frontières Switzerland wants to focus its work in individual projects that promote access to justice similar to the project carried out in Turkey. The main obstacle to international activities is the language, because professional translators’ service is expensive and strongly limits the participation to the process.


  • Three main lines of work:

1.  Projects related with the defence of Human Rights

Avocats Sans Frontières Switzerland wishes to be involved in various projects throughout the world and defend those individuals threatened in the exercise of fundamental rights. The association wants to intervene alongside local lawyers and the organisations in danger because of their professional activity and is willing to act in order to strengthen the competence of local actors.

2. Strengthening local capacities

Avocats Sans Frontières Switzerland is convinced that local capacity-building, especially through the training of local defenders, plays a key role in the defence of human rights.

3. Funding of projects

Avocats Sans Frontières Switzerland intends to financially support, in so far as possible, specific projects related to the defence of fundamental rights.


ASF Switzerland wishes to have new members, in medium-term, not only from the canton of Geneva but also from both French-speaking and German-speaking part of Switzerland as well as from Ticino.

Project with ASF Cameroon

This project was created under a meeting between committee members of ASF Switzerland and Mrs Alice Nkom, a cameroonian lawyer during the Film festival and International Forum on Human Rights held in Geneva from 5 to 14 March 2010.

In November 2010, ASF Switzerland signed a partnership contract with ASF Cameroon and Adhefo (Association on the defence of homosexuality) defending people who are stigmatised because of their sexual orientation in Cameroon. The project is currently looking for funding. In May 2011, several members of the committee will travel to Cameroon. Once this partnership will be completed, ASF Switzerland will work on other projects.

On 10 February 2010, the President represented ASF Switzerland in the Biennial “Plate-forme pour les défenseurs des droits humains de Dublin” (The Dublin Platform for Human Rights Defenders) organised by Front Line. This event is a great opportunity for defenders and policy makers of governmental and intergovernmental bodies to meet and exchange experiences.

ASF Switzerland took part in the 4th World Congress against death penalty held in Geneva, from 24 to 26 February 2010. The goal of the Congress was to mobilize a great number of actors for the universal abolition of death penalty. ASF Guinea and ASF France were also present at the Congress.

From 12 to 15 May in Sommières, France, three members from the committee of ASF Switzerland will attend a training course organised by ASF France in order to acquire specific methods on adult training.


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