ASF Mauritania, Avocats sans Frontières

Avocats sans Frontières Mauritania, composed mainly of lawyers and Human Rights activists, was created in February 2006.

Recognized in Mauritania as an apolitical and non-profit association, the objective of the organisation is the universal and effective enforcement of human rights principles in the fields of education, awareness, training and defence of Human Rights.

Since the last meeting of the Network in Cameroon, ASF Mauritania protected its ban and logo.


ASF Mauritania had its baptism of fire in the case of Birame ould Abeid and members of IRA movement, anti-slavery NGO, whose activists were arrested and prosecuted by the Mauritanian courts of justice and, they were finally acquitted.

Two lawyers from ASF Mauritania, Mr. Bilal Ould Dick and Mr. Abdoullah Ould Tadjidine, were designated to assist the defendants.


Despite the lack of sources of revenue and financing, the objectives of ASF Mauritania and the commitment of its members remain intact.


ASF Mauritania


The ASF members