ASF Mali, Avocats Sans Frontières

Avocats Sans Frontières Mali is a non-profit organization, whose working philosophy is based upon the conviction that all individuals are equal as human beings and equal in dignity. ASF Mali works on the defence of the fundamental rights of all human beings without distinction of sex, political conviction, religion or origin, and also fights against torture and inhuman, degrading treatment or punishment.


Apart from the training offered to its members, ASF Mali provides legal advice for the residents and for those people under arrest, supplementing the legal tours carried out in the country in order to provide access to justice for isolated populations. In addition to the visits to prisons in partnership with doctors, regular visits to the prisons, commissioners, brigades or other places of detention makes possible to control the duration of custody.

In autumn 2008, the project “Tours juridiques au Mali (Legal tours in Mali) offered free legal consultations for detainees and all citizens and implemented a public awareness campaign of populations and judicial actors about their rights of access to justice. The second phase of this project, which took place on the following year, gave more important role to the training of judicial actors. This has resulted in the creation of an awareness booklet for judicial actors on the theme of “Procédure Pénale et Droits de l’Homme” (Criminal Procedure and Human Rights)

A lot of events have been organised in Mali thanks to ASF Mali association particularly, a day of free legal and medical assistance for the detainees, a training session on legal tools and international criminal justice, as well as the closing ceremony of the interregional training sessions for trainers on Human Rights in West Africa.


The priority will be given to boost the ASF Network at international level. Thanks to the success of this project, “Tours juridiques au Mali ”, donors have greater visibility on ASF Mali activities and state institutions agreed more founds for the association. The same movement can be observed from the civil society, development partners and Malian populations.

The calls for participation in seminars, workshops and training sessions increased with the involvement of Human Rights defenders.


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