ASF Italy, Avocats sans Frontières

Avocats Sans Frontières Italy was created in 1998 with its principle objective being «the promotion and the protection of Human Rights for individuals involved in legal proceedings all over the world». Nowadays, ASF is currently focused on increasing its membership in order to extend its network throughout the country and to get adequate human and financial resources.

The ONG operates at both national and international levels to protect and ensure the effective exercise of the rights of individuals and those of the most vulnerable groups, to prevent conflicts, and to promote the respect of human dignity and peoples as well as their social, cultural, economic and political development.

During the past ten years, the association has sent lawyers to support the right of defence in Turkey, Sierra Leone, Palestine, Brazil, Albania, Northern Ireland, Burundi, East Timor, Kosovo and Rwanda where the right was at risk.

ASF also played an active part in international justice with its involvement in the prepcom session in New York, where the rules of the procedure and evidence for the new International Criminal Court were elaborated.


At national level, ASF Italy focuses its work on the immigration and the “internal borders” to support the Italian legislation. This commitment implies the establishment of a standard framework as well as the selection of concrete cases in which further action is required.

At international level, ASF Italy continues its collaboration with ASF France taking part in «emergency missions » launched by the Network.

The NGO is also committed to “provide a lawyer where there are none”, helping lawyers who are working in difficult situations and giving assistance to the development of the legal system, without the system itself being imposed from outside but coming from the stakeholders of the society.


After a call issued by the European Union, ASF Italy decided to define a cooperation network between bar associations and lawyers throughout Europe.

As example of this cooperation with ASF France, a French-Italian fact-finding mission will be sent to Libya to collect testimonies against Muammar Gaddafi.

In addition, ASF Italy is waiting an status that would allow the organisation to plead before the ICC.


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