ASF Guinea, Avocats Sans Frontières

One of the priorities of ASF Guinea is the capacity building of judicial actors (lawyers, magistrates and people related on legal matters).


ASF Guinea objectives are:

  • To promote and defence the fundamental Human Rights ;
  • To fight against illegal or arbitrary detention;
  • To popularise national and international legal instruments on Human Rights protection;
  • To contribute to the consolidation of the rule of law through capacity-building and fighting against impunity ;

To facilitate the access to justice and to fair trial thanks to the intervention of free and independent lawyers.


Activities of ASF Guinea

Legal aid and assistance

ASF Guinea intervenes before criminal courts, prisons and police custody facilities

  • Procedure
    • Selection of emblematic Human rights violation cases, in prisons and centres for custody in Conakry
    • Presentation of cases before the competent courts through lawyers from ASF Guinea
  • Results
    • The acquittal or conviction of the accused of a sentence already served allowing them to avoid extended police custody and determine their legal position.



Human Rights training

    • To participate in training sessions abroad
    • To organise training sessions for Human rights defenders in Guinea
  • ~

Next activities...

  • Legal and judicial caravan to offer access of citizens to law and justice
  • Election observations


The ASF members