ASF Colombia, Avocats sans Frontières

Avocats Sans Frontières Colombia was created in 2004, in Bogota, where it has its main office called "Casa del Abogado".

The activity of the association is focused on the assistance provided by Colombian lawyers in the exercise of their profession. In view of this, it seeks to improve the security, independence and professional training of lawyers ensuring their recognition, by authorities and civil society, legitimacy and the need of their function. The association gets involved in the protection of lawyers who are, according to United Nations, guarantors of the Rule of law.


Help, support, strengthen and qualification of the lawyers and their profession

In Colombia, the majority of vulnerable people are exposed to an armed conflict between the State and the guerrillas. It is also the problem for those lawyers without sufficient legal resources to face it. Thus, ASF Colombia wants to give them help, support, strengthen and professional qualification, with a view to defending the fundamental rights and the right of defence.

“Casa del Abogado”


In 2005, ASF Colombia created the “Casa del Abogado”, a permanent structure and tool at the service of lawyers and Colombian professional organisations. It has a twofold objective:

  • Provides a place for exchange and meetings where lawyers and all members of a law firm can develop collective strategies in order to improve the professional conditions;
  • Promotes the function of lawyers on institutional processes ensuring the fundamental rights, as well as on the dissemination and promotion of such rights in Colombia.

For those purposes, ASF Colombia joined several regional and national professional bodies of lawyers.



ASF Colombia wants to take action in four problematic aspects over the next three years:

  • Lack of organisation of the lawyers on both professionally and corporative senses;
  • The ignorance of those difficulties encountered by Colombian lawyers;
  • The difficult access to international Human rights mechanisms;
  • The high level of impunity emphasized by the cases of Colombian lawyers assassinated in the course of their professional duties.


ASF Colombia


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