ASF Cameroon, Avocats sans Frontières

Avocats Sans Frontières Cameroon carries out its activities throughout the country since 2002. The association is made up of lawyers from the Bar of Cameroon and nowadays, it is also open up to students, magistrates and legal academic experts.


+         Every three months, ASF Cameroon provides free legal assistance in Douala et Yaoundé prisons.

Legal consultations take place in the district councils of Duala in order to provide legal and judicial assistance to the most marginalized and disadvantaged Cameroon population. Cases are monitored and followed by volunteer lawyers of the Association.

+          The NGO provides assistance and support to women, children and foreigners. In 2008, the association worked on the defence of the hunger rioters and it also obtained the release of a young man from Mali, incarcerated in Douala prison.


+          ASF Cameroon in partnership with ASF France and the Bar of Cameroon carries out the project called “Dignité en Detention (DIDE)(Dignity and Detention - DIDE), funded by the UE delegation in Cameroon, consisting in regular visits to prisons and other places of detention, training sessions for various prison actors for a better knowledge of the new Code of Criminal Procedure, and also the following of the most vulnerable cases.


+         The association is working on the the defence of five journalists arrested in the exercise of their profession and, it may also follow other similar cases in the course of the current year.


+          ASF Cameroon, with financial support from the French cooperation, is strongly committed to combating violence against women. The incarcerated women will benefit from an individualized follow-up and the penitentiary staff will be properly trained on the national texts and the international conventions on the protection of women rights ratified by Cameroon in order to humanize their conditions of detention.


ASF Cameroon, jointly with ASF Switzerland and Adefho association, provides a volunteer lawyer to those suffering from discrimination due to their sexual orientation.

It also intends to take part in the missions over Nigeria and Cambodia in support of ASF France.


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