ASF Brazil, Avocats sans Frontières

After the Social Forum 2005, a group of Brazilian legal practitioners (lawyers, doctoral candidates and law students, among others) most of them involved in social and Human rights issues, started to think about the possibility to create an ASF office in Brazil.

Advogados Sem Fronteiras association was created in Caxias do Sul (in Rio Grande Do Sul) on 3 October 2009, composed of Brazilian members and people from other countries.

At the beginning, the association had 27 members and received requests for affiliation every day.


+          Legal advice to civil society organisations from Guinea though the 3D-net program (Droit – Démocratie – Désengagement) 1. This initiative is part of a co-operation program between Italy, Guinea Bissau and Brazil.

+          Cooperation with the Centre for Legal Sciences of Caxias do Sul University, with the coordination of the Master “International Cooperation, Human Rights and sustainable development”.


Since 2010, the association is planning to undertake the following projects:

+          Defence of the defence (lawyers acting on behalf of other lawyers)

+          The training and capacity building of ASF;

+          Access to international justice (with a strong focus on the Inter-American Commission and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights).


ASF Brazil


The ASF members