Avocats Sans Frontières : the ASF Network website

The ASF Network groups together all national associations belonging to the Association Sans Frontières (Lawyers Without Borders) with the common mission to defend the universal rights of man 

Starting in 1998 the ASF Network developed itself along with national associations in Denmark, France, Holland, Italy, Mali, Mauritania, Sweden or even Switzerland to form the ASF Network. Later, other national associations were created in Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Peru, Congo and in Guinea Conakry.

It is in the context of the International Conference of the Bars of common legal Tradition (ICB) and under the impulsion of chairmen of the bar Mario Stasi and Titinga Pacéré that Avocats Sans Frontières was born after a resolution decided its creation during a congress held in Yaoundé (Cameroon) in December 1991.

The first ASF association was created in 1992 in Brussels.

The first sizeable operation led by Lawyers Without Borders was "Justice for all in Rwanda". Its aim was to organise the defence by by foreign lawyers of defendants and victims of the genocide before the Rwandan jurisdictions. This experience, founding for the Movement, was in the history of Justice a great first and its success was unanimously acclaimed.