The ASF Network and a broad coalition of human rights organisations call the United Nations to intervene for the immediate release of Le Quoc Quan.


Vietnamese lawyer and a prominent human rights defender and blogger, Le Quoc Quan is also a famous for his blogging and human rights advocay.

Disbarred in Hanoï in 2007, on suspicion of engaging in “activities to overthrow the regime”, Le Quoc Quan kept under constant surveillance44 by State officials until the December 2012 arrest.

Despite such threats, he continued with his human rights advocacy. In August 2012, he was hospitalised after being severely beaten near his home by unknown assailants.

On December,27 2012, Le Quoc Quan was arrested for alleged tax evasion.


Vietnam - Le Quoc Quan

The ASF Network condemns this arrest and demands the immediate release of Le Quoc Quan.

The ASF Network reminds moreover,that the independence of lawyers is a key barometer of democracy and the effectiveness of the rule of law and reminds to the Vietnam authorities the state commitment to international legal instruments including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, ratified by Vietnam in 1982,and particularly its articles 9, 14 and 19, which provide the respect for the freedom of expression, the principle of the presumption of innocence and the right.


Open letter to the President of United States of America

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