Sudan: Intissar Sharif Abdallah

The ASF Network expresses its deep concern about the fate of Intissar Sharif Abdallah, a young girl from Sudan, sentenced to death by stoning for adultery.

Summary of the facts

On 13 May 2012, Intissar Sharif Abdallah, a 20-years-old girl was sentenced to death by stoning for adultery.

In the course of the trial she had no legal representation and was found guilty according to her statements made after being beaten by her father. Nowadays, she is in prison with her baby. She is psychologically distressed and does not understand the nature of the oath.

Although she always pleaded not guilty, she was forced to retract at another hearing, apparently after being beaten by her brother. Her statement of culpability is based only on the confession extorted.
During the trial, Intissar Sharif Abdallah neither had the right to counsel nor interpreter despite the fact she cannot understand the Arabic, because that is not her mother tongue.

Mother of three children, Intissar Sharif Abdallah is in prison with his youngest son, aged of four months, while her other two children are with her family. It is unclear whether the government intends to proceed with the execution.

Intissar Sharif Abdallah’s parents decided to file an appeal with the Court of Appeal of Ombada.

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