Djibouti: Journalist Houssein Ahmed Farah

The Avocats Sans Frontières Network expresses its concerns about the situation of the journalist Houssein Ahmed Farah, arrested on 8 August 2012 in Djibouti.

Summary of the facts and chronology

Djibouti - Jiurnaliste Houssein Ahmed Farah

The journalist and Human Rights defender was arrested on 8 August 2012, in Djibouti, for “forgery and participating in an insurrectional movement”.

The Avocats Sans Frontières Network, who follows the case, calls for the immediate release of Houssein Ahmed Farah.








From 9 February till 23 June 2012     He was accused and held into custody by the judge Lamisse Mohamed Saïd for forgery and participating in an insurrectional movement.

8 August 2012        Farah was arrested at around 11am in Djibouti-Ville by two police officers, Colonel Abdoulkader Ibrahim Gona and Col. Abdillahi Hassan Boulaleh. He was detained for more than 72 hours at the central police station of Djibouti.

11 August 2012       He was brought before the investigating judge Lamisse Mohamed Saïd and transferred to Gabode prison. Since his arrest, he has no access to a lawyer or a doctor.

14 August 2012        His lawyer, Maître Foulieh, submitted a request for provisional release.

16 August 2012        The request was rejected to “put an end to an exceptional and persistent disruption of public order”
Houssein Ahmed Farah appealed the decision through his lawyer.

26 August 2012       The appeal was reviewed by the Indictment Division, in the absence of M. Farah.
The appeal was adjourned for further deliberation and the verdict postponed until Sunday 9 September.

11 September 2012     Djibouti Court dismissed the appeal.  

19 September 2012     The summons issued by the investigating judge for a deep examination has been postponed to a later date.



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